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“Vitamin D linked to metabolism, shortage worsens heart ailments”
What is vitamin D? A fat soluble vitamin, it`s sythesis in the body depends on latitude, atmospheric pollution, clothing, skin pigmentation and duration and time of exposure to sunlight. 30 minutes of sunlight over arms and face, perferably between t0 am and 2 pm (when ultraviolet B rays are maximum) daily is enough to avoid Vid D deficiency.
A study has found that for every 10% rise in 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration, the risk of developing hypertension falls 8.1%.
Posible consequences of Vitamin D deiciency- Schizophrenia Depression.
*Vit D deficiency and low calcium intake are risk factors for: Osteoporosis: low bone mass, muscle weakness, and thus increased risk of fractur.
*Heightened risk of hypertension, diabetes, susceptibility to infection, heart problems and some forms of cancer.
*1 billion people worldwide have vitamin D deficiency or insufficienty.
What causes vitamin D deficiency?
1. Changing food habiits leading to low dietary calcium intake
2. High fibre diet containing phosphates and phytates that deplete Vitamin D stores and increase coalcium
3 Genetic factors that impede sythesis of the Vitamin D
4. With modernization, the number of hours spent indoors has increase, therby preventing adequate exposure
to the sun
5. Incresed pollution prevents UV raidation from reaching the ground: UV B is needed for syntheisizing
Vtiamin D in skin
6. Repeated and unplanned, unspaced preganancies may also create health issues for a woman.